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360°+ VALUE

Value in every direction: That‘s what we design for. Reshaping Enterprise Values with New Concepts and Concepts. Sustainable development values with the goal of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

ACEVEL is specialized in providing high-quality and customized lighting solutions for art spaces such as museums and art galleries around the world.

ACEVEL, as the planner of balancing light and space, believes in the philosophy of excellence, and the pursuit of superb quality which permeates lighting strategy、design, and any part of the product development and processing.ACEVEL is good at using innovative design language, breaking traditional and regular design conventions, pursuing the purest connection between light, space and illuminated objects in lighting planning and the presentation form of art, and solving the critical points that are difficult to balance in the application of light to space.

ACEVEL persists in pursuing sustainable empowerment and follows the ESG global development strategy.Operational functionality is the top priority in our design. We emphasize the overall integration of scientific design, technological advance, and environment, striving to achieve the environment friendly and positive impact in products life cycle to reach the unity of the perfection of science, technology and design.With efficient management, complete R & D strength and production capacity, ACEVEL has maintained a leading position in the lighting industry.


Reasonably develop and efficiently utilize resources, establish a guarantee system for sustainable resource utilization and a strategic reserve security system for important resources.


The future of design is the future of humanity - it can reflect the interdependence and symbiotic relationship between people, products, society, and the environment, which is the future direction of design development./p>


The art we are concerned about is an important medium for communication between people, between people and nature, and the cultural environment, and is also a spiritual wealth of the world.


History is a bridge that connects the past, present, and future. As one of the oldest disciplines in the world, it has irreplaceable value and serves as the foundation of all social sciences in the new era.


We establish our own technology research and development center to attract high-level researchers and engage in groundbreaking research, solely for the sake of future scientific progress and high-level pursuit.


As the sum of the material and spiritual production capacity and the material and spiritual wealth created by humans in the process of social practice, it is a humanistic spiritual force that we pay close attention to.

Light Dream , Light Future

Brand Origin

We aim to be Ace everlastingly. That is what our founder have pursued relentlessly -- keep the top forever.

Brand Concept

Natural lighting fixture. Si-lence to light, light to silence.Light is the giver of structure.

Brand Value

Light is the theme. Lead by high technology. De-liver top quality products.

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