Echoes of The Nile : Exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The exhibition is divided into three parts: the blessing of the gods, the exploration of eternal life, and the Nile River, showing the ancient Egyptian civilization from different perspectives. The first part, "Blessing of the Gods," focuses on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egypt has always been a polytheistic country in history. From south to north along the Nile, different deities are worshipped in different regions, and all classes, from the king to the people, worship religiously. Not only are there a large number of officially built temples used to worship the main god worshipped by the country, but ordinary people also pray to God for blessings by offering to the temple. In the "Benefits of the Gods" exhibition area, the huge figures of lion heads (the statue of Sekholmet) and the heads of the lion and sheep (the incarnation of Amon) together with many small bronze idols have created ancient Egypt's solemn world of faith. Light is the essence of visual storytelling. ACEVEL luminaries were the necessary backup to describe stories of ancient Egyptian culture. 8x8mm showcase linear light was designed to achieve superb uniform illumination of cabinets, product shelving or exhibits with total visual comfort.

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