WU Weishan’s Sculptures of Chinese Historical and Cultural Figures

Wu Weishan integrates the art of sculpture with traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting aesthetics, and uses Chinese aesthetics to express the Chinese spirit. The exhibition mainly exhibits more than 70 sculptures of Chinese historical and cultural celebrities created by Wu Weishan over 30 years. These sculptures show the deep inner spirit and cultural heritage of Chinese culture by shaping the imagery of historical figures. ACEVEL provides focusable track light TL0015 for this sculpture exhibition. The color temperature and super high color rendering were specially customized for this exhibition. The light is soft and clean, fully shaping the light on each sculpture so that the distinctive personalities of historical and cultural celebrities are vividly revealed, such as the modesty of Lao Tzu, Confucius's benevolence, magnanimity, Li Bai's free will, let the audience feel the charm, implicit and strong artistic appeal, strength and beauty of Wu Weishan's sculptures, feel the thoughts of the humanistic spirit and get the enlightenment of emotions.

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