Shaanxi Archaeology Museum

10th, Aug., 2021

Shaanxi Archaeology Museum with the theme of "ARCHAEOLOGICAL HOLY LAND MAGNIFICENT SHAANXI" as its permanent exhibition, is divided into four chapters: archaeological history, cultural genealogy, archaeological discovery, cultural preservation technology, and exhibits more than 4,000 pieces of cultural relics. Shaanxi Museum of Archaeology is the first museum dedicated to archaeology in China. Compared with museums of history and sites, the museum of Archaeology is more professional. Based on a series of major archaeological achievements, it shows the historical context of the origin and development of the Chinese civilization and its significant contribution to world civilization.

ACEVEL provides Discovery focusable 8-60°track light, accurately show every outline of different age of introduction. Also, used with TL0016, AEO6 of excellent color rendering index 98. Wallwasher K40, excellent lighting performance creates a soft and comfortable light environment, evenly washes the entire wall. Showcase Spot light Pixie SD28 applied the angle of 6-36°and showcase wallwasher C140; showcase light V-Lux28 & V-Lux 28 DOU & V-lux 35 standing pole type linear showcase light A8 & V28 Magnetic, V50 Magnetic with different functions and lighting effects to give the audience an immersive experience and realize the history and culture of the museum.

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