Rebirth in China--Canton Enamel Special Exhibition


The Canton enamel special exhibition was exhibited for the first time in the Provincial Museum. The exhibits included more than 120 pieces of enamelware from various aspects such as court, folk and export, which were rare at home and abroad. Canton enamel, which has been roasted by fire and baptized, the colors are as brilliant as the sun and the moon, complete handicrafts and exquisite technical level, and quickly became an important representative of enamel craftsmanship in the Qing Dynasty. It was an exclusive luxury product for the royal family and aristocracy in the early days. After that, it circulated among the folk and was sold domestically for export, becoming a well-known export commodity in history.

This exhibition uses ACEVEL zoom track light, which perfectly displays the exquisite craftsmanship of the enamelware. Excellent color rendering index 98 and full-spectrum color saturation make each piece of enamel colorful and bright, allowing the audience to appreciate the exquisite Cantonese enamel, inherit China's craftsmanship of unity and innovation, and remember the story of Guangdong's struggle to be the first.

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