2018 Frankfurt Light+Building

18th, Mar., 2018

High CRI and exquisiteness are crucial conceptions for our infinity series showcase led light in which was outstandingly shown on exhibition of light build Frankfurt. ACEVEL’s goal of 2018 is “relighting the art”.

The R9 color rendering value produces strong, vibrant reds. It is not included in the measurement of CRI yet, whenever LED light quality is discussed, R9 matters. Some percentage of R9 is actually found in all of the colors that comprise the CRI value. But the specific ability of a lighting product to accurately reproduce red is critical to accurate overall color rendering. Proudly, R9=99 is the best achievement of infinity series.

To intensify the exhibits in the showcase, we also emphasize the stepless beam angle of infinity series which are 3°- 8° & 6°- 45°.